September 2007 - 4 x 4 Longest Words Competition Results

Below are the final results from the September 2007 Longest Words Competition. All players listed on this page received an Honorable Mention ribbon for playing such an exceptional word. You may click on a user's name to enter their personal trophy room. Don't see your name on this list? Keep trying! New competitions begin on the first of every month.

You may also view the results of other competitions from September 2007, or view current statistics of our current monthly competitions.

September 2007 Results

triggerPATIENTEST (10 letters)
elgalloSIGHTLINES (10 letters)
yoderVICTRESSES (10 letters)
girlbotSIGHTLINES (10 letters)
springchic1979WATERLINES (10 letters)
tl13NATURALIST (10 letters)
clairemREASSURES (9 letters)
Big BubbaNARRATION (9 letters)
braindeadFORESTERS (9 letters)
GuntherSTREEKING (9 letters)
BoggleFrogLEPROSIES (9 letters)
Visitor613DEPRIVERS (9 letters)
JessaSENTIENTS (9 letters)
Ping Pong KingBREEDINGS (9 letters)
advaitinRETURNERS (9 letters)
biscottiSHOVELING (9 letters)
eveREVISIONS (9 letters)
QophWONDERERS (9 letters)
chattypatty22PORTIONER (9 letters)
CrillyPRESENTER (9 letters)
calyOUTDRIVES (9 letters)
cestmoilahDEPRIVERS (9 letters)
TexasAngelUNASSURED (9 letters)
poslfitSTEADINGS (9 letters)
samjoforDEPRIVERS (9 letters)
phillyphil46WONDERERS (9 letters)
one4love4truthLESSONING (9 letters)
tarajean30TRIANGLED (9 letters)
owlkatFLAUNTERS (9 letters)
BunderkinSHIRTLESS (9 letters)
nunu12SUBGROUPS (9 letters)
sandiegojanetESCALATES (9 letters)
SpisterMoonerTRAININGS (9 letters)
rshultz61FLAUNTERS (9 letters)
jldonovan67CAROUSING (9 letters)
RLS1961SHOVELING (9 letters)
HotTargetFLAUNTERS (9 letters)
adonsurtecREASSURED (9 letters)
udoguHAMSTRING (9 letters)
msrobotoREASONERS (9 letters)
MeltdownASSENTERS (9 letters)
BoggleFoolMOTIVATOR (9 letters)
awesomeangelGEMSTONES (9 letters)
ellieADOPTIONS (9 letters)
lempdawgSHIRTLESS (9 letters)
chowmaumauSHIRTLESS (9 letters)

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