August 2017 4 x 4 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of August 2017's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st ThunderRock 742.848 pts
2nd MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 659.694 pts
3rd zolorbowl 608.461 pts
4th GameJay28 520.140 pts
5th WriteSmith 514.607 pts
6th meeeep 500.027 pts
7th Athena1 472.385 pts
8th arniecat 467.637 pts
9th sheldring 466.778 pts
10th Exo 455.343 pts
11th dannyb 454.887 pts
12th jcqueline 430.758 pts
13th 2xysters 424.428 pts
14th GavGav is a Premium Member! 420.645 pts
15th Chop Chop 418.386 pts
16th todds66 411.068 pts
17th morty 406.548 pts
18th nogoalz8 403.867 pts
19th Turbo 390.754 pts
20th erm 379.224 pts
21st dtalone 377.881 pts
22nd awkword 372.401 pts
23rd kipling7 363.314 pts
24th calidrissp 351.298 pts
25th chiman 349.650 pts
26th moolingwa 347.870 pts
27th Lisa88Keys 346.120 pts
28th JohnAkaMrP 343.259 pts
29th FireflySeason 331.549 pts
30th solidago 326.476 pts
31st DonGuy47DonGuy47 is a Premium Member! 323.090 pts
32nd ***JVL*** 322.811 pts
33rd nora 314.761 pts
34th nunu12 313.064 pts
35th LightOfBrain 312.512 pts
36th crazykate 308.852 pts
37th whatseemstobe 308.248 pts
38th mjm 303.991 pts
39th ReJoyce 302.377 pts
40th lightbulb 301.424 pts
41st stg 301.333 pts
42nd artfuldodger 301.132 pts
43rd sadied 300.767 pts
44th rilestarrilestar is a Premium Member! 295.662 pts
45th wastintime 294.944 pts
46th Dieseljan 293.431 pts
47th jaimerenee12 292.940 pts
48th angearon 290.694 pts
49th jlw435 289.813 pts
50th Pitchfork 286.013 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st ThunderRock 154.971 wds
2nd MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 133.311 wds
3rd zolorbowl 124.303 wds
4th meeeep 115.384 wds
5th Athena1 113.931 wds
6th arniecat 107.353 wds
7th WriteSmith 106.189 wds
8th jcqueline 103.281 wds
9th sheldring 101.963 wds
10th dannyb 101.519 wds
11th GavGav is a Premium Member! 99.985 wds
12th Exo 99.294 wds
13th nogoalz8 99.041 wds
14th Chop Chop 97.698 wds
15th morty 96.893 wds
16th 2xysters 96.240 wds
17th todds66 93.370 wds
18th erm 91.542 wds
19th GameJay28 90.480 wds
20th Turbo 88.557 wds
21st dtalone 85.488 wds
22nd awkword 82.182 wds
23rd Lisa88Keys 81.832 wds
24th calidrissp 80.992 wds
25th JohnAkaMrP 79.228 wds
26th kipling7 78.641 wds
27th chiman 78.337 wds
28th solidago 77.714 wds
29th moolingwa 77.713 wds
30th FireflySeason 76.259 wds
31st nunu12 75.327 wds
32nd DonGuy47DonGuy47 is a Premium Member! 74.683 wds
33rd ***JVL*** 74.127 wds
34th whatseemstobe 73.901 wds
35th nora 72.099 wds
36th artfuldodger 71.649 wds
37th Dieseljan 71.431 wds
38th jlw435 71.369 wds
39th crazykate 71.252 wds
40th LightOfBrain 70.971 wds
41st mjm 70.931 wds
42nd wastintime 70.887 wds
43rd stg 70.822 wds
44th ReJoyce 70.226 wds
45th sadied 70.196 wds
46th liverpudlian 68.623 wds
47th lightbulb 68.547 wds
48th gottarungottarun is a Premium Member! 68.401 wds
49th rilestarrilestar is a Premium Member! 68.246 wds
50th cptjohncptjohn is a Premium Member! 68.003 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st L9UR9 12.933 pts
2nd kjambur 11.701 pts
3rd SgUncle 9.604 pts
4th Elliemay 9.586 pts
5th oily 8.286 pts
6th Jam2 6.663 pts
7th Wordyword123 6.657 pts
8th gdog 6.558 pts
9th lalatan 6.134 pts
10th veratrine 6.037 pts
11th feltfish 5.969 pts
12th GameJay28 5.749 pts
13th tonyh16 5.738 pts
14th wildercat 5.453 pts
15th SneezyCAT 5.309 pts
16th CVMVCHO 5.296 pts
17th CopperCable 5.026 pts
18th aaaaa 5.007 pts
19th MegaWordMegaWord is a Premium Member! 4.949 pts
20th udogu 4.920 pts
21st zolorbowl 4.895 pts
22nd WriteSmith 4.846 pts
23rd mobertol 4.823 pts
24th ThunderRock 4.793 pts
25th stiffy13 4.723 pts
26th delight 4.706 pts
27th FranklyMyDear 4.680 pts
28th dancehaus 4.666 pts
29th kipling7 4.620 pts
30th jrc2000 4.589 pts
31st Exo 4.586 pts
32nd sheldring 4.578 pts
33rd Just4fun 4.565 pts
34th malminou 4.555 pts
35th RedwoodGirl 4.546 pts
36th Imploder 4.531 pts
37th awkword 4.531 pts
38th mizzaloo 4.524 pts
39th danceswithlif 4.521 pts
40th catnipdreams 4.515 pts
41st Speedy 4.498 pts
42nd Tina7892 4.488 pts
43rd DrHamSandwich 4.488 pts
44th dannyb 4.481 pts
45th wordjin 4.479 pts
46th nolocontendrenolocontendre is a Premium Member! 4.478 pts
47th moolingwa 4.476 pts
48th chiman 4.463 pts
49th HUMESTANESAGA 4.457 pts
50th alexmachughalexmachugh is a Premium Member! 4.451 pts

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