March 2018 5 x 5 Monthly Competition

We hold a series of competitions each month for those players who wish to play competitively. Each monthly competition will end at 12.01am on the 1st of every month, with trophies being awarded to the top 20 ranked players in each individual competition. Not yet on the list? Keep trying! It takes both skill and determination to make it to the Wordtwist Hall of Fame!

Select which of March 2018's current competition rankings you'd like to view:

These three competitions are based on each player's average statistics - how many points they average per game, how many words they average per game, and how many points they score, on average, per word. Only players who have tallied 50 or more games in any given month are eligible for these competitions.

Average Score Per Game
1st RussDNails 772.025 pts
2nd Estivate 638.243 pts
3rd fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 600.670 pts
4th Asmarandana 589.869 pts
5th 4kids 587.674 pts
6th scheffek 556.199 pts
7th DontPostponeJ 550.243 pts
8th boggleholic 528.305 pts
9th jimbob 511.122 pts
10th erakis17 509.620 pts
11th Nafets 492.333 pts
12th Imaboomer2 488.738 pts
13th bwt1213 475.110 pts
14th Mackers2 472.163 pts
15th martian 471.413 pts
16th samanticshift 471.222 pts
17th zhensler 469.316 pts
18th joshinrhodeis 467.316 pts
19th knishes9 466.581 pts
20th sheldring 461.446 pts
21st parsonsm11111 456.667 pts
22nd BoggleOtaku 446.857 pts
23rd DrPlacebo 442.572 pts
24th baronette 440.656 pts
25th yakioran 436.910 pts
26th wordhouston 433.208 pts
27th ellen 432.652 pts
28th crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 430.612 pts
29th hjenee 426.359 pts
30th quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 415.464 pts
31st disleksix roo 415.093 pts
32nd tx_eye_guy 412.385 pts
33rd clemsonq 403.905 pts
34th judytunes 398.098 pts
35th zeke 395.565 pts
36th rocklizard 390.503 pts
37th Rebels38 388.059 pts
38th regimentus 385.938 pts
39th medtner 379.300 pts
40th Dellingr 375.666 pts
41st elidaleon 374.552 pts
42nd stg 374.255 pts
43rd QueenMom 367.855 pts
44th agabe 366.291 pts
45th bkbound 364.160 pts
46th JCUK 359.262 pts
47th Pelican 357.229 pts
48th suddeneyes 355.627 pts
49th lokoda122lokoda122 is a Premium Member! 354.345 pts
50th Blooper 353.977 pts
Average Words Per Game
1st RussDNails 139.972 wds
2nd Estivate 129.543 wds
3rd 4kids 121.652 wds
4th Asmarandana 118.016 wds
5th fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 114.161 wds
6th DontPostponeJ 113.907 wds
7th scheffek 108.708 wds
8th jimbob 105.492 wds
9th Imaboomer2 104.492 wds
10th samanticshift 103.980 wds
11th joshinrhodeis 98.975 wds
12th martian 98.385 wds
13th erakis17 98.338 wds
14th Mackers2 95.863 wds
15th parsonsm11111 95.554 wds
16th sheldring 95.196 wds
17th bwt1213 95.173 wds
18th BoggleOtaku 94.449 wds
19th boggleholic 94.328 wds
20th wordhouston 93.377 wds
21st Nafets 92.889 wds
22nd judytunes 92.393 wds
23rd baronette 91.966 wds
24th knishes9 91.708 wds
25th crossbarcrossbar is a Premium Member! 91.041 wds
26th ellen 90.304 wds
27th zhensler 90.045 wds
28th clemsonq 89.882 wds
29th disleksix roo 88.720 wds
30th yakioran 86.678 wds
31st rocklizard 86.290 wds
32nd Dellingr 84.673 wds
33rd tx_eye_guy 84.513 wds
34th quickotbquickotb is a Premium Member! 84.139 wds
35th elidaleon 84.050 wds
36th hjenee 83.379 wds
37th zeke 83.137 wds
38th medtner 83.083 wds
39th QueenMom 82.908 wds
40th bkbound 81.267 wds
41st regimentus 80.740 wds
42nd stg 79.701 wds
43rd Rebels38 78.706 wds
44th DrPlacebo 78.610 wds
45th 5thGirl 77.631 wds
46th NoellesMommy 77.380 wds
47th JCUK 77.252 wds
48th tawantinsuyo 76.944 wds
49th EricaHHS 76.467 wds
50th Obijuan 76.198 wds
Average Points Per Word
1st Spike1007 31.925 pts
2nd Dasan 28.600 pts
3rd pmoffit 26.241 pts
4th lalatan 19.807 pts
5th Raenella 13.169 pts
6th emjay59 11.098 pts
7th rkk776 9.871 pts
8th Dr. Who 8.739 pts
9th MatD 8.376 pts
10th pdiddppdiddp is a Premium Member! 7.547 pts
11th gdog 7.254 pts
12th mollyanderson 6.623 pts
13th Pixie 6.610 pts
14th crazykatecrazykate is a Premium Member! 6.540 pts
15th feltfish 6.506 pts
16th catnut 6.487 pts
17th trish575 6.464 pts
18th MissFixIt 6.391 pts
19th brighteyes 6.317 pts
20th bd63 6.164 pts
21st geekwes 5.933 pts
22nd Kristi7 5.782 pts
23rd mml 5.641 pts
24th DrPlacebo 5.630 pts
25th helene1 5.604 pts
26th boggleholic 5.601 pts
27th RussDNails 5.516 pts
28th LovesWords 5.506 pts
29th llapp 5.496 pts
30th dahlia 5.441 pts
31st Ratcatcher 5.383 pts
32nd Rapple 5.374 pts
33rd snsmithaz 5.358 pts
34th ferniehaze 5.357 pts
35th DodgerfanGOLADodgerfanGOLA is a Premium Member! 5.326 pts
36th eurydice 5.301 pts
37th Nafets 5.300 pts
38th fasteddiebfasteddieb is a Premium Member! 5.262 pts
39th MavisM 5.249 pts
40th bjsb 5.212 pts
41st zhensler 5.212 pts
42nd mochamom6 5.188 pts
43rd erakis17 5.182 pts
44th mdyakmdyak is a Premium Member! 5.173 pts
45th janeyanney 5.133 pts
46th Andigrl 5.128 pts
47th Blooper 5.126 pts
48th Aqua23777 5.124 pts
49th suddeneyes 5.119 pts
50th scheffek 5.116 pts

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